How to Use a Bead Roller

When restoring classic cars, it is not uncommon to run into problems trying to find aftermarket replacement parts for things on the car that simply can’t be salvaged. It’s times like these when you have to get creative. If your problem is a rusted out trunk bed or floorboards, the only option could be to weld in some sheet metal … Read More

How to Replace an Oil Pan Gasket

Even people who know nothing about cars understand that oil is very important to keep them running properly. If a car’s oil is not changed regularly, or if the oil level drops too low for any reason, it will inevitably lead to serious engine damage—it’s only a question of when. Low oil levels usually mean that there is a leak … Read More

Window Seal Repair on Your Car

The weatherstripping around your car’s windows plays a critical role in keeping the inside of the car clean, dry, and comfortable. But despite its importance, it is usually taken for granted until it becomes damaged enough to start causing problems. And if you have an older car or live in extreme climate conditions, this is bound to happen sooner or … Read More

How to Jump Start a Car

If your car won’t start when you turn the key in the ignition, there are several possible explanations. One of the most common causes is simply a dead battery, which can happen for seemingly no reason at all or because of human error, such as leaving your headlights on overnight. The good news is, so long as there is nothing … Read More

White Wall Tires

Whitewall tires hit their peak in the mid-20th century, but they are making a big comeback among many subcultures of car enthusiasts right now. Younger readers may not be familiar with what a white wall tire even is, so before we get into today’s trends and options, let’s take a brief look at what whitewall tires are, and how they … Read More

How to Install Carpet in an Automobile

If a car lives long enough, and gets used regularly enough, it will eventually beg for replacement carpet. There are simply too many stressors in an average car’s existence for its interior carpet to remain in pristine condition indefinitely. Dirt, sand, saltwater from days at the beach, spilled food and drink, pets, kids, and even normal wear and tear from … Read More

How to Bleed Brakes

When car brakes aren’t working as well as they could, there are a few possible explanations. Needing to get your brake pads replaced is probably the most common reason, but sometimes, you might notice a spongy feel when you step on the brakes, even with brand new brake pads. In this case, you may be able to solve the problem … Read More

Rocker Panel Repair

Except for automobile enthusiasts and hobbyists, most people don’t give much thought to their car’s rocker panels, even though they step over them every time they get in and out of the vehicle. What is a rocker panel, anyway? And what purpose do they serve on your car or truck? On standard cars and trucks, there are two parts of … Read More